Foreign activitiy


Our activity worldwide is quite broad. We co-operate with colleagues from similar dam safety organisations and bodies from Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Austria etc. We are regurarly visiting the International Comission on Large Dams (ICOLD) and it´s meetings and congresses.


Projects in Kurdistan


At the beginning of the year 2010, the Kurdish Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources announced a tender on the “Panel of the consultants” project.  For this project were chosen Czech specialists associated via the cluster of companies CREA Hydro&Energy in which our company is member.


Kurdistan, an autonomy part of the Iraq, aims to have independent agriculture within a few years, there for many water reservoirs are planned, designed or under the construction at the moment. Role of our hydraulic, hydro-technical structures, geotechnical and geology specialists is to provide expert consultations to the investor, designers and contractors as well.


The first positive results of given consultations are appearing and many Czech expert´s recommendations are implemented in both the designs and during the construction process too.


Another project on two Kurdish large dams Derbendikhan and Dokan was carried out during the year 2010 and in the first half of the year 2011. New modern equipment and instruments were installed there to provide more sufficient basis for the safety surveillance and supervision monitoring and assessments of the constructions technical conditions in general.


The instrumentation was provided by the Czech cluster CREA Hydro&Energy, represented mainly by VODNI DILA-TBD a.s., in cooperation with foreign sub-contractors. You can find more pictures in our Gallery.


In years 2012 and 2013 consultation panel on the construction sites continues on Aquban, Banu Talaban, Jali and Khornawazan dams. Consultations provides CREA Hydro & Energy ( ) and our company experts participate as well.

The main purpose of these reservoirs is retention of the water for long warm and dry periods of the year. Water is meant to by used mainly for the agriculture. In Kurdistan as well as in the whole Iraq 90% of precipitation is in the winter months while the rest of the year is very dry and warm.


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