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Our company has sufficient number of staff with required specialization. Field of education of our employees is mainly hydraulic structures and water management. Age structure of employees is varied from graduates to experienced professionals with over 40-years of experience.
Our company has its own geodetic group; other professions are represented by individual specialists. Most employees stay in the company throughout their working life. Due to the character of work, the performance of safety supervision requires continuity and knowledge of the work from its design, construction, and operation through various stages up to commissioning.
Our company owns all required equipment to sustain the performance over hydraulic structures for measurements checking, for performing routine installations equipment, for collection and evaluation of measured results and all other related activities. Our equipments include crackmeters, inclinometers, extensometers, level gauges, thermometers, laser rangefinders, inspection cameras and many more.
We work with Swiss manufacture measuring equipment HUGGENBERGER AG. We can provide and installation HUGGENBERGER AG goods as required by owner of a hydraulic structures. 


We also cooperate with a German company Kappelmeyer GTC, which specializes in tracking of leakages by temperature measuring, both by resistive sensors and using fiber optics.


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