Foreign activities

As part of professional activities related to technical safety supervision, we cooperate with colleagues from similar organizations from Poland and Slovakia. We regularly attend ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams) meetings. Recently, our foreign activities are also connected with the cluster of water management companies CREA Hydro&Energy, z.s., mainly in Iraqi Kurdistan, we are also active on water works in Georgia.

We maintain contacts and personal ties with many leading foreign companies in the field of dam safety, such as Huggenberger (Switzerland), Solexperts GmbH (formerly GTC Kappelmeyer) (Germany), AF Consult (Switzerland), RICHTER (Germany) and many others.


For the Kurdish Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, we provided the activities of the Panel of Consultants. Our specialists, especially in the field of hydrotechnics and geotechnics, under the CREA Hydro&Energy, s.p. cluster, provided professional consulting assistance in Kurdistan, during the modification of project documentation and during the construction of dams.

At the large Derbendikhan and Dokan dams, the instrumentation for the purpose of safety supervision was restored with modern devices, since the equipment from the time of construction was already non-functional and outdated. Newly installed instrumentation will enable a better assessment of the behavior of an aging concrete structure.

In Kurdistan, we also carried out consulting work on the construction of the Aquban, Banu Talaban, Jali and Khornawazan water works. This activity is provided by CREA Hydro & Energy ( and representatives of our company also participated in it.


We have been members of the International Committee On Large Dams (ICOLD) since 1990 and regularly attend the annual meeting, the last 91st Congress was held in 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Through the activities at ICOLD, we have access to the latest knowledge in the field, follow the development of techniques for measurement, observation and above all maintain a network of contacts with leading experts in the field of safety, design and operation of dams. We currently have our representative on the Dam Safety Technical Commission.


On 13 October 2010, an international agreement on cooperation in the field of dam safety was signed between the companies IMGW Warsaw, VV s.p. Bratislava and VODNÍ DÍLA - TBD a. s.

Recently, for example, at VD Gabčíkovo, we have been measuring the dynamic effects of water flow on reinforced concrete and steel structures.


In recent years, for an important client from the field of hydropower, we have been providing inspections, assessing the condition of structures and supplementing the necessary technical documentation for important existing dams in Georgia, including specialized stability calculations and modeling of the area at risk of a dambreak flood under these dams.