Dam safety supervision

Dam safety supervision

Technical safety supervision of hydraulic structures is the monitoring and evaluation of the technical condition of the work from the point of view of its safety, operational reliability, possible causes of failures and their consequences. It also includes a proposal for effective corrective measures. It helps prevent malfunctions and possible economic damage not only on the own parts, but also in the adjacent area below them. The main objective is to prevent danger to human life and property due to the collapse of the work and the occurrence of a dambreak flood. Therefore, safety supervision is also an integral part of the system of comprehensive flood protection and prevention against the occurrence of dambreak floods that may arise during the operation of water works.

To the owners and managers of water works designed to swell and retain water (dams, weirs, ponds, tailings ponds, etc..), we offer safety supervision implementation and a comprehensive service focused on the safety of water works in all phases of their existence according to legal regulations.


According to the specific needs of the waterworks and the requirements of the operator, we are able to design and possibly ensure the implementation of the optimal equipment of the waterworks for measurement and observation.

We cooperate with measuring equipment manufacturer HUGGENBERGER AG, Switzerland and RICHTER, Germany. We are able to supply and install equipment from these manufacturers according to the specific needs of waterworks operators.

We also cooperate with the German company Solexperts GmbH (formerly GTC Kappelmeyer), which specializes in monitoring the seepage regime through temperature measurements, both with resistance sensors and mainly with fiber optics, and we are able to install and ensure these measurements.

Dam safety related documents

We process all mandatory dam safety documents for individual phases of dam existence:


  • supervision, measurements and monitoring design
  • dam safety plans
  • dam safety periodic reports
  • extreme flood assessments
  • dam stability calculations

Inspections and special measurements

As part of the safety supervision, we carry out regular inspections of waterworks associated with visual inspection and specialized measurements. The subject of our interest is primarily the seepage regime and deformation of dams and their foundations.

Technological equipment

We carry out technology inspections on all types of water works (dams, weirs, ponds, etc.). The technological equipment of dams is mainly bottom outlets and their valves and gates, as well as barrier structures such like weirs, with segments and flaps. Inspections are carried out by our machine specialists. During inspections, functional tests are performed together with specialized measurement of currents, vibrations, etc.
Groundwater flow, stability, stress and strain calculations

Groundwater flow, stability, stress and strain calculations

We perform 2D calculations of slope stability on a shear surface using limit equilibrium methods, groundwater flow calculations using the finite element method (FEM), as well as stress and deformation calculations of embankment and concrete dam bodies also using FEM. For more demanding calculations and modeling of tension and deformations in 3D, we work closely with the companies DOLEXPERT GEOTECHNIKA and DESIGNTEC expert companies.


For embankment dams and ponds

Ing. Ondřej Švarc

[email protected]

For concrete and masonry dams

Ing. David Richtr

[email protected]

For stability and groundwater modelling

Ing. Jiří Hodák, Ph.D.

[email protected]

For geodetic measurements and surveys

Ing. Tomáš Macháček

[email protected]