Dam operation

Handling and operating regulations

We will prepare the handling and operating regulations, including graphic attachments and possibly also construction drawings, in accordance with the applicable legislation as a new complete version or as a revision or update of the existing edition.

We also perform, for example:

- geodetic survey of the actual state of the work and its objects
- water management solutions for the storage and protection functions of the reservoir, including the processing of the water management plan for the reservoir
- hydrotechnical calculations for determining consumption curves of objects

Vibration monitoring

We offer measurement and analysis of dynamic effects on barrier structures (e.g. flaps, segments, gates, boards) and technological equipment of water works, especially bottom outlet closures. We use the apparatus developed by us to measure vibrations in various operating conditions. We also offer an analysis of the structure's own oscillations. Vibration measurement thus serves to extend the life of the structure, or machinery.
Vibration monitoring
Simplified documentation

Simplified documentation

Specialists of our company will process simplified documentation - passports of existing and historical waterworks, or their parts and newly built waterworks.

At the same time, we are ready to draw up water works passports for you, including submitting an application for a water management permit, i.e. carry out surveys and surveys to acquire pond documentation.

Furthermore, we ensure the preparation of a geometric plan and the registration of the property in the cadastre. We can also prepare a proposal for establishing protective zones of water works.


For embankment dams and ponds

Ing. Ondřej Švarc

[email protected]

For concrete and masonry dams

Ing. David Richtr

[email protected]

For all dam types 

Ing. Jiří Hodák, Ph.D.

[email protected]