Expert opinions

Expert opinions

The company has been an expert institute since 1995. It is listed in the Ministry of Justice, Section II. - "Expert institutes qualified for the processing of expert opinions in particularly difficult cases requiring a special scientific assessment", in the field of "Water management", with the scope of the expert authorization "Safety and operational reliability of water works intended to swell or retain water (dams and reservoirs, small water reservoirs, dry reservoirs, ponds, tailings ponds, weirs, locks, feeders, tunnels, small hydroelectric power plants and protective dams and other flood protection structures) and technical safety supervision over them".


Ing. Miloš Sedláček, expert, head of the Expert Institute

Ing. David Richter, expert
Ing. Petr Smrž, expert
Ing. Jiří Hodák, Ph.D., person involved in scientific research

Head of the Expert Institute

Ing. Miloš Sedláček

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+420 777 769 333