Flood protection

We offer the preparation or verification of:

  • studies of runoff conditions
  • assessment of the influence of runoff conditions by new or planned constructions
  • water management solutions for reservoirs (for protective and storage functions)
  • measuring curves of hydrometric or limnigraphic profiles
  • consumption curves of objects 
  • characteristics of reservoirs (flooded areas and volumes)
  • surveying the sediments of water reservoirs and ponds geodetically or using sonar measurements from a boat
For the selected profile, watercourse section or entire basin, we offer:

  • assessment of runoff conditions under flood situations
  • verification of the protective effect of waterworks with quantification of the flood transformation through the reservoir area
  • evaluation of the flood risk of the area of ​​interest
  • quantification of the retention effects of natural inundation spaces
  • conceptual or variant solution of flood protection measures
  • calculation of water levels in watercourse beds and adjacent inundations
  • development of documentation of historical floods
  • checking the flood flow capacity of affected buildings (culverts, bridges, protective dams, etc.)

Runoff studies

Our specialists will prepare for you studies of runoff conditions, assessment of the influence of runoff conditions by new or planned constructions, assessment of runoff conditions in flood situations.

For calculations, we work with current commercial calculation programs - e.g. HEC-RAS, Hydrocheck, ATLAS DMT, AutoCAD products, BREACH, but also with programs developed by us.

Flood and emergency plans

In accordance with applicable legislation, we will prepare emergency and flood plans for the period of construction or changes to the waterworks as well as for its permanent operation. We also process both documents for municipalities, cities, industrial enterprises and civic amenities buildings.

Dry dams and polders

Our company provides a comprehensive service in the field of design and inspection of dry dams.

We can assess the effectiveness of the construction of a dry reservoir or polder in a given location, propose a suitable dam construction, optimize the parameters of safety and discharge devices, and recommend the most suitable method of verification operation.

In the phase of construction and permanent operation, we ensure the performance of safety supervision for these water works.


For embankment dams and ponds

Ing. Ondřej Švarc

[email protected]

For concrete and masonry dams

Ing. David Richtr

[email protected]