Surveys, studies and design

We offer studies and projects of a wide range of water works:

  • essential repairs of water works
  • reconstruction of water works and their parts
  • repairs and reconstruction of technological equipment of water works
  • rehabilitation of concrete structures of water works
  • reconstruction of dam crowns and bridging of spillways
  • repair and reconstruction of sam safety equipment including automatic data collection
  • construction of weirs, hydropower plants including their repair, reconstruction and modernization
  • small water reservoir and pond projects including tank desilting
  • flood control studies and projects


We offer the following survey works:

  • technical surveys of water works
  • sampling of core boreholes from concrete and masonry structures
  • determination of strength characteristics of concrete, masonry and rock (cooperation with accredited construction laboratories)
  • determining the compressive strength of concrete by a non-destructive method (Schmidt hardness tester)
  • inspections of wells, drains and other inaccessible areas with inspection cameras
  • comprehensive inspections and assessments of technological equipment of water works
  • measuring the thickness of steel structures by a non-destructive method
  • special research and documentation work with the help of mountaineering equipment

Pre-design stage

For a high-quality and efficient design of new and reconstruction of existing water works, a basic prerequisite is consistent pre-project preparation and surveys.

We offer the following activities:
  • survey work to the extent necessary for the processing of project documentation
  • geodetic surveying to the extent necessary for the processing of project documentation
Pre-design stage
3D flow modelling

3D flow modelling

Modeling water flow in 3D is one of the most demanding tasks, we perform it using software OPENFOAM mainly on dam spillways and when solving details of water flow in pipes.


Pro embankment dams and ponds

Ing. Ondřej Švarc

[email protected]

For concrete and masonry dams

Ing. David Richtr

[email protected]

For 3D modelling

Ing. Jiří Hodák, Ph.D.

[email protected]