Research and development

We have also been engaged in non-commercial research and development activities for a long time. Our activities include, for example:

  • cooperation in the creation of legislative and normative regulations
  • research projects within the framework of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)
  • research and development projects within the CREA Hydro&Energy cluster, e.g. Cooperation Program - Clusters, Business and Innovation Operational Program, CzechInvest.
    • methodology of using GIS for the needs of categorizing water works
    • methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of sealing elements of embankment dams
    • research methods for geodetic measurements
    • research on methods of temperature measurements on water structures
    • 3D modeling of water flow on safety spillways
    • measurement of dynamic effects on embankment structures
    • digital twin of the dam
  • support of the CIDEAS research center at CTU
  • cooperation with BUT in Brno, e.g. the project Use of reliability methods in the safety supervision of water works with regard to their safety in the period of global climate change.
  • cooperation with VÚV TGM, e.g. the project Solving ponds and small dams from the point of view of minimum flows and flood safety


For legislative and normative documents

Ing. Petr Smrž

[email protected]
+420 777 769 338

For research activities under cluster CREA Hydro&Energy

Ing. Jiří Hodák, Ph.D.,

[email protected]
+420 777 769 360